Friday, May 31, 2013

Lend a hand. If you can.

I came across Maya's Hope on Craigslist while I was searching for volunteer opportunities last year. They were looking for people who could write case files for children so that potential sponsors could learn more about their story, their struggles and how they can help.
One great takeaway from my previous job in the bank is that you are never too busy to help. A little contribution goes a long way in helping others. And you feel good, knowing that you've put your skills to good use.
I have been writing case files whenever I can. In between doing housework, traveling and hosting visitors. I love writing and am happy to take part in a meaningful cause. My work's probably minute compared to other volunteers but it's still something.
If you'd like to help, you can contact Maya's Hope on their website or check out how to get involved as a volunteer. Maya's currently looking for people who can post ads,  recruit volunteers, write, raise funds, use Instagram and contact companies for donations.
Better yet, if you are financially comfortable, you can help give hope and save a child's life.
As with all volunteer work, commitment is the key criteria. That and a lot of love and enthusiasm for the cause you believe in. In this case, it's helping children in need.
*Note: A New York based non-profit organisation that helps children living in extreme poverty, Maya's Hope provides more than just physical and financial support in terms of food, education and other daily necessities. The goal is to give love and hope to the young ones, so that they can grow up to be emotionally strong people who can contribute back to their community. 

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