Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Les lettres des enfants de Toguiron

As part of the French Club activities I signed myself up to do French-English translation for primary schools. Kids from African countries write to their pen pals in America, and we have to translate these letters to English.

A real challenge is their cursive handwriting and spelling mistakes. I got to look up the dictionary and search online for words and phrases which I don't understand. Some are plainly illegible or just don't make sense. Makes me wanna ask the teacher, you sure you are teaching them good writing skills? :(

But I had fun nonetheless, learning more about the African culture especially their daily staples - rice, fonio, cassava, mangoes... The children's letters are quite cute, mostly talking about their family, their favorite animals and food.

Still, I'm glad that I took part. Even more glad, for the chance to keep the language alive in me.

Some drawings are pretty cute too!

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