Saturday, May 11, 2013

Beautiful May. Visits to Vancouver and Yosemite!

May is a good month not only because the flowers are in full bloom, but Sis and OSH finally got off their busy work/baby schedule to visit us. I'm ├╝ber happy!

Despite their short one-week visit, we managed to squeeze in two short trips - one to Vancouver to visit our distant relatives, and the other to Yosemite, a national park which I've always wanted to go. We were panting like mad with back-to-back flights/drives but it was all worth it. The scenery, the company... All made the trips extremely enjoyable. On the last day we even made an impromptu drive to Sterling Vineyard some two hours away, just to enjoy that last sip of wine under California skies.

Of course, food is a major feature in this trip since Sis and OSH could hardly eat a proper meal back home with baby Jovan around. Even after the sumptuous dinners in Vancouver, courtesy of our aunts and uncles, we didn't rest our stomachs but went straight for everything - down from cheesecakes to crabs. We even went back for seconds at The Boiling Crab and Nini's Coffee Shop which serves very tasty home-cooked American breakfast. I am so stuffed that I am undergoing a 3-day detox after they left.

Here are just some snapshots of our trip. The best are in my memory!

Vancouver's Fisherman's Wharf is smaller and cosier compared to SF

At Mount Elizabeth Park with our aunt

Check out the famous gas clock at gas town

Viva the gigantic Olympics fire

Had king crab at my uncle's restaurant. It was very, very yummy.

At Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge under crisp Canadian weather
We just had to try Tim Hortons, the local 'Starbucks'!
At Deep Cove, a tranquil little area by the bay


Took the ferry to Lonsdale Quay Market on our last day in Vancouver

Back in US. After driving for 4hrs, we finally caught a glimpse of the Upper Yosemite Fall behind us.

We checked in at Tenaya Lodge. We had dinner at a nearby pizza place and the portions are BIG!

After roaming around Curry Village & Mirror Lake in the morning, we headed to Glacier Point. The view was breath-taking.

At Napa. Squeezed a trip to Sterling Vineyard for the pair of wine lovers.

I say give that lady a bottle of SV reserve

The Boiling Crab sha-bang sauce was so good, we had to go back for seconds on their last night!

Nini's exudes old American charm with a comforting breakfast menu. They had to eat it once more before their noon departure.

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