Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A birthday surprise to Santa Cruz

I planned a little birthday surprise for the hubs on Memorial Day weekend! My limited and sad budget does not allow me to book a room at Post Ranch Inn but I held on to the theme of Sun, Sea and Cosiness. Did my research diligently while the hubs was away, and my final choice was Sea and Sand Inn at Santa Cruz!

Thank God for the superb weather because seriously, who wants to go to the seaside when it's cloudy? There was a slight jam on CA-17 as we headed towards Santa Cruz but Panda was snoring all the way in the car so by the time he woke up for his surprise, we've already arrived at Zachary's - our downtown lunch stop serving American brunch.

After filling our stomachs, we checked in at the charming little inn and headed towards the beach to experience the California summer (they said MD is the unofficial start of summer.) It reminded me of Santa Monica in LA - the crowd, the music, and all the hot bods! I especially love the Boardwalk. It's a great carnival with rides and games and food. We even won a prize at one of the stalls!

Back at the inn, the view from our cottage suite patio was amazing. What's more, we had a 4-pax outdoor hot tub that allowed us to enjoy the view from the privacy of our room. We were there in the tub, drinking Starbucks coffee and waiting for the sun to set...

I've thought long and hard before splurging, given that I'm not working right now. But it's truly money well-spent, and I couldn't ask for better company.

Happy birthday, my dear!

Down at the beach at Santa Cruz

At the entrance of the Boardwalk

This flying ride was rather popular with kids and teens!

I love these colourful mushroom like cable cars

Loads of screaming here!

Our prize, nicknamed "three dollar" because that was how much it cost us!

Should we get our feet wet, or not?

View of the beach from our room

The outdoor hot tub

My best companion

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