Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My first baseball game: SF Giants vs Toronto Blue Jays

Panda's boss, Mick, took us to AT&T Park to watch SF Giants against Toronto Blue Jays yesterday. It was awesome! Not because I know anything about baseball - I don't, sadly. But the spirit of the spectators, the atmosphere of the ballpark and... OK, the beer and hotdogs, it was just too cool to participate in the sporting mood.
The only thing I wish I did was to wear an extra jacket. The wind was freezing. By the time we left the stadium, my nose was as red as Christmas Day.
Will let the photos do the talking.

AT&T Park from a distance

The buzzing entrance

Panda in front of the standing spots

Toronto Blue Jays

SF Giants

In position... waiting!
Panda and Mick (Thank you for taking us to the games!)

Posey is the Beckham of baseball, this I learnt!

Kayaks (and other cute motor "boats") wait outside the stadium to catch flying baseballs

I love my new orange SF visor. Giant colours!

Check out my mini baseball bat too!

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