Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cheap cheap

I really love shopping in US, even if it's the simplest stuff. Today I walked into the nearby Staples to buy a notebook. Martha Stewart's office collection was having a clearance sale and I got my notebook, a file and a stack of cutely-shaped post-its all for $4. Saved more than $15!

Whole Foods and other grocers were also selling lovely flowers for less than $20 for Valentine's Day. No jacked up prices. No wonder guys can afford to be romantic here! Even grandpas were buying pretty bouquets for their loved one!

Costco sells stuff at really cheap prices (thanks to Victor and Jo for bringing me in!) I bought a 6-piece 400 thread count Egyptian cotton for less than $40. Back at home I spent $300 for similar quality. Say what?!

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