Thursday, February 21, 2013

3D2Ns in Los Angeles

Well, technically it's 1.5 days and 2 nights in Los Angeles.

Over the President's Day long weekend we decided to do a recce trip to LA for the siblings' trip in March. Because we had been 'duped' by the GPS before, we took the safer but longer route of US101 all the way. We started at 9am in the morning, took a two-hour pitshop cum shopping spree at Gilroy, then continued on. There was heavy traffic as we neared LA and by the time we reached Miyako Hotel (small but convenient) in Little Tokyo, it was past six.

LA seems like a much larger city compared to SFO, and much more alive too. It reminds us of Asia because it appears to be bursting with people and activities all the time. We woke up to bright sunshine the next day and spent more than a morning's time walking around Santa Monica, and then in the late afternoon we headed to Hollywood Boulevard. There was a photo shoot going on at Hollywood/Vine St Station and then at Hollywood/Highland there were loads of hotdog vendors, movie characters, and hordes of people watching street performances. The atmosphere was really good!

So much so that when we crossed two blocks over to another tourist attraction, Sunset Boulevard, we were a tad disappointed that there was nothing much to see there. Hahaha.

The next morning, after having dim sum breakfast at Chinatown, we drove over to the Griffith Observatory in hope of taking a photo with the Hollywood sign. Unfortunately, it was closed on Mondays and the road was blocked!

So we went on our way home, stopping at Gilroy (again!)

A friend was a little horrified that we drove all the way to LA, only to stop for two short nights. But then again, it's just something that's fun to do... a little touristy trip out of town.

Will be looking forward to all the other siblings' trips in March and April!

Santa Monica beach

At the Pier

The weather is much better here compared to the Bay area!

At Hollywood Boulevard

Street performance

A news crew reporting on the impending Oscars?

Models lining up for their photo shoot

Immediate projection onto the hotel facade... cool!

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