Sunday, February 10, 2013


So I was wrong about not having pineapple tarts this Chinese New Year. Jo and Victor joined the Singaporeans United team at FC by landing here last week and lo and behold, they brought us pineapple tarts!! Yay!!

After much deliberation and loads of support from Panda, I got up my courage to invite them over for reunion dinner. I am extremely scared of cooking for other people because I am not that confident of my culinary skills yet - cooking for self and family seems safer cos they can always cook instant noodles if your food sucks. Haha. Turns out, the evening was really fun, no one died of food poisoning, and we were able to clear most of the dishes (hooray!) My motto now is: when you have guests, stick to the simple dishes and don't try to be ambitious!!

Our 初一 is pretty simple, with me sleeping past noon again and a hungry Panda pulling me out of bed to make breakfast. We had already 拜年 with our families in Hong Kong and Singapore the night before. Mom had brought over our red packets in advance during her visit, so the first thing we did at the breakfast table was to distribute them. I also had a red packet from Panda (hooray x3!) so am going to use that to shop for wardrobe essentials soon!

Chinese New Year used to be my least favorite festival cos I dislike all the dong-dong-dong-chang songs and red lanterns and all. Now that I am away from home, hearing all the cheesy CNY songs at the nearby Asian supermarket actually makes me smile. Talk about seeing/hearing things from a different perspective, man. Hahaha.

Black pepper prawns, scallops, lettuce, chicken, roast potatoes

Our first home cooked dinner guests

Wine makes us (actually me) happy!

My Ang Pao from Panda. Yay! :D

A dash of CNY at home

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