Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I was inspired to find new ways to keep fit. The jogging and muscle toning/stretching exercises were getting old and as a result, the daily push-ups and crunches had given way to half hearted leg lifts while we watched Warehouse 13 on Panda's MacBook.

In comes Basket, our new friend, freshly purchased from Sports Authority. I had an sudden motivation to shoot hoops cos I figured that it would help tone up the arms and solidify those bye-bye fats. Plus, I could do it while Panda is at work vs. playing tennis at night when it's freezing.

Coincidentally, Panda's boss brought him to watch the NBA games last night. He bought two Golden Gate Warriors jackets in support of the home team. I know nuts about NBA but still it's cool to join in the fun!

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