Saturday, August 9, 2014

Happy National Day, fellow Singaporeans!

Remember last National Day where I said I feel like writing an email to PM Lee after watching his National Day Message?

Well, I did!

And I received a 'thank you for your concern' reply from his staff. Haha..

Ok, it must have been one of the boldest things I did, but I really wanted to speak my mind. I hope what I said was constructive, no matter how small the extent of impact.

This year's National Day Message was better, and I love it that there's heart. Indeed, we hold our heads proud everywhere we go because we are Singaporeans!

We celebrated our national day, Singapore time zone, with fellow countrymen and women at the Foster City park concert.  Lennon played the national anthem from his speakers, and I nearly bounced up from the picnic mat to stand at attention. Seriously, what you were trained to do from young never leaves you.

Of course, Panda HAD to do his version of Munnaeru Vaalibaa. I never bothered to look up the lyrics of this tamil folk song until now. I learned it when I first moved to Singapore at the age of eight. Didn't know what on earth I was singing... but now I do!

Munnaeru vaalibaa munaeri endrum
Thoduvaan noakkuvaai
Kann theriyaatha Kaari rulil
Olirum vinmeenae
Thanimaiyaalae payantha naadugal
Irulil oli pera unnai naadum
Mael noakku vaaliba endrum munnaeri
Thoduvaan noakkuvaai thoduvaan noakkuvai

The lyrics in English are:
Forward o'youth forever advancing
Look to horizons far
Eyes do not grope in the depths of the night
That look on a shining star
Nations fearful in apartness
Need your sight to light their darkness
Look up o'youth forever advancing
Look to horizons far...

(from wikipedia)

Happy birthday, Singapore!

[P/S: The following day, a gathering at the park in the US time zone to mark National Day. We had fried bee hoon, chicken curry, spring rolls, chiffon cake and home-made gem biscuits! What a spread - and this explains why you don't see much food left on the table. Red and white was out; the Garden City theme was in!]

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