Monday, August 11, 2014

Golden Gate Bridge at Twilight

Had my first 'lesson' on night time photography yesterday at Marin Headlands, thanks to Kevin! There was supposed to be a supermoon on 10 Aug 2014 and we wanted to catch it together with the Golden Gate Bridge.

We arrived at this jam-packed tourist spot after six, and already, there were a couple of people setting up their tripods. I was a little embarrassed with my flimsy HKD60 tripod and my tiny NEX5T (no zoom lens attached). Obviously an amateur. And while people were testing their remote controls and discussing which direction the moon would be rising, I was munching on my cold slice of Costco pizza. 

Tummy first, photos later. 

I hope they didn't think my tripod and I were a waste of space.

Alas, after a long wait with no sight of the moon, the most experienced one in the group said he had information that the supermoon has already risen behind the hill we were facing. Then he proceeded to pack his gear with a "Better luck next time!" Whut! But I guess if the pro said so, he must have solid information. 

Since we were already there, we decided to stay longer to take some shots of the Golden Gate Bridge.  The car was parked at the second highest point (there are four vista points along the slope), and we climbed some way up the road to get a better view. 

It was in fact a good idea not to use a zoom len. I was able to take the entire Golden Gate Bridge against city lights. 

Then, just as we were about to leave, we saw the moon emerging from behind the clouds. Not the supermoon that we were hoping for, but a full moon nonetheless.  

Happy to say that we completed our first 'project' after all!

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