Sunday, April 27, 2014

Arts & craft: Foxgloves in Yellow


One last creation before madness begins.
We will be travelling even more in May. First, we will be heading south for Panda's work trip. Then, the Fantastic Four will soon be arriving. Dad, Mom, Gugu and Gu Cheung. We will be squeezing six people in our small house on some days. And there will be endless squabbles on who gets to drive the car.
In other words, it will be chaotic but awesome.
Foxgloves in Yellow was inspired by last month's visit to Filoli. I was hoping to do one in pink, but it has been a really hectic week. Perhaps, when I get that one-week break from travelling in May.
Can't wait to get more inspiration from the wonderful places I'll be going.
(Special thanks to Jo and Wendy for that outdoor shoot!)

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