Tuesday, April 1, 2014

An island of treasures

Lynn and AK are in town!

They arrived more than a week ago but there wasn't much action on our part, as I was tied down with some work and Panda had to cover for a colleague who was on vacation last week . 

Over the weekend, fortunately, we managed to do more stuff. One of the highlights was heading over to the Treasure Island Flea Market, held every last weekend of the month. The view of SF city from Treasure Island was so beautiful. Buildings of different shapes and sizes standing at contrasting heights against a blue sky, framed in front by palm trees and a calm bay. We had the Bay Bridge to the left of us and the Golden Gate Bridge visible in a distance. Very refreshing, and totally worth the drive.

The selection of stalls was quite varied but we didn't purchase a lot as I found most of the products pricey. That said, one can always be in awe of the vendors' imagination - colourful terrariums hanging in glass balls, wind chime made from forks and spoons, pendants made from bottle caps, lamps made from wine bottles... All these amazing items housed in a two-storey building. Out in the open air market, where they sold mostly second hand furniture and other knick-knacks, we managed to get quite a few Timbuk2 bags at a bargain - $35 for a haversack! I didn't need one until I saw how cheap it was. Heh.

There was also a terrarium workshop, where ten bucks would get you a DIY terrarium, complete with cute little plastic dinosaurs. I joined the snaking queue but pulled out at the last minute since Panda said I won't be able to bring it back home at the end of the year. Bummer!

The food trucks were awesome, and our taste buds got a real treat. There were Bacon Bacon, Sam's Chowder Mobile, Harvey's Gourmet Mini Donuts, CurryUpNow and more... Some of the queues were really long and at one time, I overheard that you need to wait an hour and 45 minutes for Paul's Rustic Oven wood-fired pizza. Whut?!

I am probably regretting not trying the pizza since it smelled really good. That and not capturing the SF skyline before leaving. What was I thinking? Argh.

Maybe it's worth bringing my parents here when they visit in May. That is, if they come back in time from their short trip to Canada. We'll see.

Photos galore!

Bay Bridge from the carpark

A $3 entrance fee per pax

Pretty butterfly stamps for entry! But they smudged into a black patch right after.

The famous Bacon Bacon food truck

Hello, Sam! I see you again.

Biting into a grilled prawn taco

Yummy breakfast burrito

The morning crowd

Random second hand/vintage items

Inside the first floor of the building which houses crafters

Checking out the bottle caps

Beer bottle openers for the wall 

Love these lamps!

Second floor

Terrarium workshop at $10

Man in action (his hairband is too cute!)

More stalls on the side facing SF city

Donut love!

Heart this machine - 2 mini donuts get popped into the tray below each time.

Give me the chicken!

Imagine the heavenly smell coming from this

Believe it or not, this shot was taken from the girls' toilet.


  1. I am missing San Francisco already.. :(

    Thanks Kor and Wing Sze for hosting us. It was a memorable trip! :)

    1. You are most welcome!

      It's a great city, isn't it? You can always come back since you still have loads of places to explore! Do longer road trips with AK next time!