Monday, May 19, 2014

Hola, Los Cabos!

View from our room at Hyatt Ziva

One of my dream destinations for our US stay is Mexico. This year, my dream was fulfilled in the form of Los Cabos, located at the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula.

When I first learned that Panda was going for a work trip at Mexico, I begged to tag along. That is, even though I knew I would only have two nights' stay before the Fantastic Four arrives in SF.

I mean, I could let it go if it's Austin again. But Mexico? Hello! I want to see the giant cactuses and smell the exotic air. It doesn't matter if I would just be staying at the resort while Panda buries himself in meetings. I just hope to go!

Pool + sunny skies = perfect match!

Turns out, it was awesome just chilling around. We stayed at Hyatt Ziva along the resort strip, a pretty decent hotel. In fact, I realised upon my power walk along the beach the next morning with Tony, the resort guide, that it's probably one of the best around in terms of size and facilities. 

An all-inclusive experience means we can eat and drink to our heart's content - and we did! Buffets were served for both breakfast and lunch. You have the option of room service if you wake up late or want to enjoy private time. Dinner-wise, I tried both the steak house and the French restaurant. I wish I had time to try the other three - Italian, Spanish, Japanese. Argh!

My favourite dish has got to be the Mexican-style grilled corn or elote, which we requested for one of our lunches. It wasn't on the buffet spread, but we asked for some after seeing it served to another table. Simplicity can be oh-so-yums!

I spent most of my time hanging out at the pool with Mei, my fellow bubbly tag-along spouse. I think we really stuffed ourselves silly with the unlimited supply of food and drinks. Thanks to her, I was introduced to a variety of alcoholic mixes: piƱa colada, mudslide, mango/strawberry martini, margarita, sunrise tequila, centenario tequila with sangrita...

Everything tasted so good when paired with great company and an unending supply of prawn tacos and fries. I had a hard time walking straight after that. It was the strange combination of a heavy stomach and a light head.

It was thus with much sadness that I bid Mexico goodbye after two short nights. Los Cabos is by no means a fair representation of the country - it's a tourist area and I didn't even get out of the hotel! Still, I enjoyed myself so much. I played beach volleyball on the third day, and barely had time to shower before scrambling for my airport shuttle.

I also missed the three amigos in white (just like the movies!) who tried to lure me out to the beach to buy stuff. They looked so cute, and God knows how long they stood behind that line under the hot sun. They were there before my morning walk, and still there when we sat by the camp fire at night. I wish I had bought something, anything from them.

So, here ends my short but sweet adventure in Mexico. Never mind that I didn't get to go downtown; never mind that Panda didn't have time to keep me company. I'm just thankful for being able to smell the air and check out the giant cactuses, like what I said I would do. 
One more dream place that I checked off the list.
Till next time, Mexico!

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