Saturday, April 6, 2013

Woohoo Tahoe!

We were quite worried on our way to Northstar, Lake Tahoe. There was almost no snow on the roads, unlike in January where we drove past lines and lines of white powdered trees and wide snowy fields. Thankfully the lady at the check-in counter told us that there's still skiing until 14/4. It's the end of the skiing season, and we made it!!!!

It's not as cold as we thought. We didn't have to 'activate' the puffy jackets yet, getting by with just inner thermal wear. The loft room we booked was cosy with a kitchenette, fireplace and two queen beds. Well equipped enough for us to prepare a simple lunch and dinner.

The highlight of the day was complimentary skating at the village! We met a sweet pair of sisters who happen to stay near FC. The younger Sophie even shared her cookies with us. Cutest kid ever. Hope to bump into her again back home.

To the slopes and beyond tomorrow!

View from our patio

Our loft

Lunch preparation in progress

Pasta with mushroom sauce and edamame

Putting on our skates. Love the colours in this photo!

A moment with the hubs

Us with the pair of cute sisters

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