Sunday, April 7, 2013

Skiing rocks!

Where do I begin?

So we started out really early. It was Sheena and Sheila's first skiing trip at Northstar, Lake Tahoe and Panda went with them to take the beginners lesson on the bunny slopes. So I decided to push my limits and take the novice course. I was so lucky cos I was the only student and had a one-to-one with a really great trainer.

So I went for the green slopes for the first time and many, many times after!!! It was like, such a big milestone for me!!! Sheila did pretty went too and I accompanied her twice on the big and easy slope. Bravo!! Then I skied down the village run and met them back at the ski rental point. It was too fun. Blisters and all included.

And then, Sheena prepared a great dinner for us while we flopped down on the sofas to rest. And then it started to SNOW after dinner! How much better can it get? Panda made hot chocolate for us girls while we try to catch snow with our hands and hair on the balcony. Haha.

It was such a wonderful day. Thank God for the good weather, and for letting us experience so much fun all within a day!

Decked in our gears outside the ski rental

Taking the lift up the mountain

Our second time in 3 months

Much less snow compared to January (a little sad)

Mid mountain

Alone and trying the green slopes for the first time

Sheila's triumph on the Big and Easy

Sustained some "injury"...

A blistery ankle. Almost like an art piece.

Dinner made by Sheena

Hot chocolate under the stars

The beginning of snow fall

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