Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Bear encounters at Fairmont (2)

Continuing from our previous bear encounters...

Speaking of hot springs, we checked out Radium Hot Springs in the day, and had a dip in Fairmont's own hot spring pool in the evening. It was a bliss sitting in the mineral-rich pool, soaking up views of the Kootenay Rockies at twilight.

Nothing, however, beats the backcountry hot springs. The drive to the Lussier Hot Springs is tough; we had to go slow and avoid a lot of potholes on the gravel road.

But it's well worth the effort. We were told that this hot spring, located within the Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park, is always occupied. It is obviously a popular spot at night, as we found used tea light candles hidden between the cracks.

It's a pity that the two outer pools were flooded by the Lussier River on the day of visit.


Closer to the resort, there's a small pool behind the Indian Baths, where people can soak their feet after a long hike. We found this little pool atop a hill by accident, after one of the morning hikes.

On our second last day, we decided to end the trip on high by kayaking down the Columbia River. The river route is scenic. We rowed past golf courses and residential bungalows set against snow-capped mountains. It was a pretty leisure journey down the river; we just had to watch out for eddies and fallen trees.

It was also Aunt Elim and Mom's first time kayaking on their own, and they did a great job!  

On the day of departure, the bears decided to reappear and say goodbye. One pooped in front of us, while the other thought he should cross the road and join us at the vista point.

I'm guessing we were really lucky to have encountered so many bears in one trip. In the safety of our car, too.

A big thank you to Dad and Mom, Uncle Johnny and Aunt Elim, for this awesome Fairmont trip!

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