Thursday, December 5, 2013

5 things I learned about Facebook writing

We've been packed with loads of activities after Sheena left! I will update in separate posts.

Actually, the reason why I haven't been writing is because I've received two more orders on Etsy (thanks to Lynn and Winifred, yay!) So I have been busy making the clips - it's more time-consuming that it looks.

And I've also been doing more work online and learning loads. See, in my previous jobs where press releases, speeches, and articles rule the day, I am so used to writing in the proper format. Introduction, main body (key points + anecdotes), conclusion. Thank you.

But I've learnt that doing online content, especially Facebook, is very different. You only have that small space to capture attention before people decide if it's worth clicking to read further. Especially now that you are not posting as a person but an organisation, people tend to be sceptical and dismiss it as advertisement without even glancing at it.

So here are 5 things I learned:

1. Put the fun stuff first: If you start off with "We are pleased to announce xxx...", that's an instant death. Even "Want to try our new xxx?" is not ideal. So far, starting with an insider tip to something seem to work. Give them the useful/fun stuff first, then talk about your products. It's always them first, then you.

2. Write like how you'd say it: Let your personality shine! Don't be so stiff! Talk like humans to humans!

3. Think small: When it comes to photos, think of those that are bright and colourful and impactful, even when it's viewed on a small screen! Details that look nice on a laptop may be as invisible as a speck of dust on an iPhone screen.

4. Timing: This is a tough one... media consumption habits differ. But I'm guessing people normally check their social media stuff while commuting to and fro work, and during lunch?

5. KISS: It's an age-long principle, but even more so in the online context.  Keep it short and succinct, and don't write a grandmother story unless you are really one!

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