Saturday, December 29, 2012

It's been a while... since we landed!

So... I have been tasked by Kungfu Panda to start a new blog about our life in US. It's been more than a month since we first arrived in US. We have settled in rather smoothly and quickly, thanks to kind friends who provided advice on everything we need to know and took us on many orientation trips (read: shopping and eating). We also managed to get the car and house settled within our first week.

Wouldn't have done all that without the grace of God, who by the way, sent us the biggest, fattest rainbow we have ever seen on our first day. Definitely a morale booster.

Well in this first post I thought it's apt to share what our house looks like. Even though it's supposed to be a short work stint, we thought it's still good to create a decent, cosy living environment. So here goes:

My workstation, the open kitchen!

The perpetually messy dining table.

My mini DIY bookshelve and dressing table.

The living room + IKEA sofa bed for guests.

The only bedroom in the house
(Bonus: a walk-in wardrobe on the unseen left)
When we showed Mom the house via FaceTime the other day, she said it looked strangely similarly to our house back home. I think we subconsciously miss our little French seaside cafe (with fake fireplace and white bricks and poster bed!) This is really... home away from home.

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